COBie Foundation

The basis of the COBie process.


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COBie made easy

Once you understand the basics, the COBie concept becomes remarkably easy. Simply put, it is a standardised way for exchanging information about facility assets that need maintenance. COBie data is used to collect information through the design and construction stages to be used at the operational phase. One can utilise a wide array of existing technologies to capture COBie data and utilise automated checkers to verify its structure!

Whether you are a subcontractor, designer, contractor or an owner, understanding what COBie tries to achieve will increase the quality of your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals, bring consistency to your back office and increase your profits.

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Vitalij Tetervov

Vitalij is an agile information management professional with a successful track record in support, management and training. He has experience in education, industrial, commercial and infrastructure schemes.

Vitalij is a COBie certified Practitioner and has been implementing COBie for over five years. He supports clients as well as delivery teams during COBie hand over.

The deficit in COBie understanding within the construction industry led Vitalij to create the COBie Foundation course.

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